3D Chess Game

A 3D chess game with various levels of difficulty



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3D Chess Game is exactly what its name indicates: a chess game with 3D graphics. In it, you can compete against another person using the same device or against the different difficulty levels of the AI.

3D Chess Game's rules and game options are exactly what you'd expect from this type of game, so there's no surprise there. What really is a surprise is the possibility to view, move by move, any chess game that you've previously played. This means that once the game's finished, you can watch it again in its entirety.

3D Chess Game's AI system is excellent. You can set the difficulty level so it's easier for newcomers or you can configure it to be an authentic chess-playing machine that can think several moves ahead.

3D Chess Game is a great chess game with nice graphics. It's the perfect app for any lover of this beautiful board game.

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher

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